Marinde – Handmade Waldorf doll

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Please meet my new doll Marinde, her name means from the sea and she really loves the beach. She loves searching for seashells when the tide is low. When it is really hot she will only wear her white sundress, but she also loves the windy days when the wind will pull her hair. On those days she wears her soft hooded cloak and her warm winterboots. One day she found a sweet baby seal and they became best friends. After a long day at the beach they will curl up together on the couch and cuddle.


Pippi handstand Waldorf doll in treedress up doll in treawaldorf doll climbing the fence

Giggles from the pear tree, Pippi trying to climb all the way to the top “just to see the sky” she said and “to look at the baby pears”. Not aware of my heart skipping a beat, “please come down” I ask her and she does only to get her feet stuck in the fence a minute later. I sigh, but then she gives me this smile and I can only think how much I will miss her when she travels to her new family.


Sterrenkindje / Star baby

Dit kleine Sterrenkindje brengt misschien wat licht in deze donkere dagen voor kerstmis! Het is een heel klein ledematenpopje van ca. 18 cm. Zie mijn Etsy shop voor verdere details (klik op webshop).

This little star baby may shine some light in these dark days before Christmas ! Maybe not for all of you but here in Holland it has been very grey and dark these past days. She is a tiny jointed doll only about 7 inches. Check my Etsy store for details (see webshop button on the site).