Cuddle doll

Cuddle dolls

These two girls had a lot of fun playing with the peg dolls ! The pink doll is made of two colors organic velours, the purple and red girl has a little feather in her hair.

Cuddle doll with waterlily

knuffelpopje Nilou schuin voor aanzicht detail waterlelie

This doll I made for a little girl with the name Nilou, since this actually means waterlily I got a special request to make her a little waterlily for her hair. I really love how this doll now has become very personal and special for Nilou.

Petite Prince Waldorf doll

kleine prins detail kleine prins zittend kleine prins met sjaal petit prince detail

de kleine prins

Just wanted to share this little guy with you, he was made last december as a St. Nicolas gift for a little boy. He is inspired by the lovely book Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry about a little boy who lives on a planet. I have made Petit Prince dolls before but always with a soft velours body, this is the first one that has a tricot body and clothes that can be removed. This doll is very similar to the baby doll I make, but in order to resemble the body of an older child I gave him slender arms and legs.


Gnome doll

kabouter met denneappel kabouter in hand gnome kabouter detail

If you are really quite you may see this little gnome under the oaktree. He is a little bit shy, but ones you win his hart he will be lifelong companion.


Cuddle doll

knuffelpopje oud roze bordeaux knuffelpopje Philomijn

It is so funny how the internet can lead to special virtual meetings. While we were discussing details for this doll, colour of fabric etc. we discovered that the customer was a schoolfriend of my sister. Its a small world…

Red cuddle doll

This little lady found a little Dalmatian friend in my attic where I work. They became best friends and now they take long walks together and have so much fun.

Gnome Doll

This Gnome doll I made for a little boy. He loved the doll I made for his big sister so much that now he is getting his own little friend.

Cuddle doll Elvira

This little girl is made of soft velours in a beautiful soft pink combined with a bourgondy red. I made her for a little girl named Elvira.

Cuddling dolls

Before these two little dolls were travelling to their new homes they had a little spare time to play with the doggy.

Doll for Esther

“Are you awake yet ? Come to mama” she said and took the little baby from its cradle. This pink little girl instantly fell in love with the little baby in its crib.