Large Waldorf dolls

Amber, Waldorf Doll


Amber loves playing outside that is why she needs some sturdy boots and a warm longsleeved dress. She also has a soft bodywarmer and a cape with hat to keep her warm. Het favorite toy is a soft bunny that she takes with her everywhere she goes. She often carries her bunny in her hat. After a long day playing she loves putting on het soft slippers and warm  herself by the fire.

Amber is a 39 cm Waldorf inspired doll and she is available in my  Etsy shop

18 inch Waldorf doll Snow

detail gezichtje grote lijs met omslagdoektule dressstaande lijs

Please meet Snow, a gorgeous Waldorf doll with blue eyes, fair skin and a lots of dark curls around her face. She prefers to wear white: ‘just like the snow’ she says. I have named her Snow for now, until she gets her forever name from her new mommy. Her dress has a thin layer of tule with tiny dots, just like little snowflakes… She does not like wintercoats: ‘It feels too tight, I can’t dance in them’, she says. If I would let her, she would sneak out in the morning barefoot and dance on the white frozen grass. Just to keep her warm I made her a crochet shawl of soft alpaca to wrap around her and a hairband to match. She is a gentle soul and can be very dreamy, she makes up stories in her head and plays them with her set of wooden dolls. Her favorite set is Snow white and the seven dwarfs, she plays with them for hours and when she gets tired she lovingly covers them with her shawl for a blanket and kisses them goodnight. Snow has already found a loving home.

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Marinde – Handmade Waldorf doll

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Please meet my new doll Marinde, her name means from the sea and she really loves the beach. She loves searching for seashells when the tide is low. When it is really hot she will only wear her white sundress, but she also loves the windy days when the wind will pull her hair. On those days she wears her soft hooded cloak and her warm winterboots. One day she found a sweet baby seal and they became best friends. After a long day at the beach they will curl up together on the couch and cuddle.