About Poppelien

As a small girl I had an anthroposophical Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) that my mother had made for me and that I spent hours with playing. When I became a mom myself my daughter turned out to be just the same, playing endlessly with her dolls. I then decided I wanted to make her something special, her own Waldorf doll just like my mother had done for me. But how?

A workshop helped me to develop the skills to make my first handmade doll. It was so much fun to do and when it was finished and my daughter received her, she was immediately fond of her. She named her ‘Margrietje’ which is still one of her favourite dolls.
Other people were curious about Margrietje so we decided to post pictures of her on my website. A lot of people were really charmed and started asking if I could make a fairy doll for them as well. I love making dolls so the answer was ‘yes’ and now I have made several dolls in several sizes for little girls around the country. One of them even moved to Switzerland!

Check out my website for more examples of my handmade dolls. I live in The Netherlands so my site is mostly in Dutch but if you want more information about prices, shipping, etc. just leave a message on my Facebook wall or send me an email in English! my email is: poppenkind@gmail.com