Amber, Waldorf Doll


Amber loves playing outside that is why she needs some sturdy boots and a warm longsleeved dress. She also has a soft bodywarmer and a cape with hat to keep her warm. Het favorite toy is a soft bunny that she takes with her everywhere she goes. She often carries her bunny in her hat. After a long day playing she loves putting on het soft slippers and warm  herself by the fire.

Amber is a 39 cm Waldorf inspired doll and she is available in my  Etsy shop

Kleine lijs met popje

Kleine lijs met een jurkje van zachte rib katoen en een warme omslagdoek (met toestemming gebreid naar een patroon van Fabiola van Fig and Me). Ze heeft ook een lief zacht popje van velours dat altijd met haar meegaat. Dit popje is te vinden in mijn webshop

This sweet Waldorf doll is wearing a soft cotton dress en babyrib corduroy and a warm lace collar knitted from a pattern made by Fabiola from Fig and Me (with her permission). She also has a sweet little doll made of soft velours fabric and hand embroidered flowers. You can find this sweetie in my webshop 

Knuffelpopje met mutsje

Dit lieve knuffelpopje is heerlijk zacht om te knuffelen, met het rode mutsje is het een echt herfstkindje geïnspireerd op een rood met witte stippen paddenstoel. Dit popje is te koop in mijn Etsy winkeltje :

This little sweetie is inspired by the traditional toadstool, the doll is very soft and loves to cuddle. You can purchase the doll in my Etsy store:


Het liefst speelt Madelief buiten met haar kleine eendenvriendje Kwaak. Samen zitten ze het liefs in de schaduw van de perenboom. Daar vertelt Madelief over de zomer die er nu toch echt bijna aankomt en over sloten vol waterkroos waar haar lieve vriendje in mag zwemmen. Over lange avonden waar het heel lang licht blijft en alle avonturen die ze samen gaan beleven.


Madelief is een lijs van ca. 40 cm en is te vinden in mijn Etsy shop

Sweet Waldorf Doll

This girl has found her new home !

This happy little girl is still looking for a new home. If you like a little cuddly friend in your life she might be just what you are looking for ! She loves to go on adventures but is also very good in comforting and giving cuddles. She is made with a lot of love and with all natural materials such as sheep wool and a sun-kissed tricot from De Witte Engel. Her hair is a white blonde mohair yarn which can be brushed or braided in tiny pigtails.Her Pinafore dress is reversible with a blue cotton on one side and a nice flower fabric on the other side. She also wears soft blue shoes and a long sleeved grey t-shirt. Under her dress she has white underpants wit a little blue ribbon. If you would like to know more about her please visit my Etsy store or send me an e-mail me at:

Mia and a beautiful day in June


It is a lovely day in June when Mia and I take a walk along the river IJssel, Mia is holding her friend Mr. Teddy, it would be unthinkable not to bring him along. Mia loves the river landscape, the grassland with the wild flowers and the vastness of the landscape. The sky above us is blue with white clouds that look as if they came straight from one of Ruysdael’s paintings. Down the waterfront we hear some very loud frogs who try to impress with their croaking voices. A Heron balances on one leg ready to catch one of the loud creatures, but as soon as we come in sight he spreads his wings and sails into the safety of the trees.

Mia is full of energy and runs ahead, but the sun is hot and soon we have to stop and remove some of our layers of clothes. Mia takes of her cardigan and we take a sip of water. In her Yellow pinnofore dress she blends in with all the lovely flowers around us.

We find clover en buttercup and different types of beautifull long grasses. There are a lot of buzzing insects around us and Mia spots a Dragonfly who flies of as soon as we get closer. Mia picks a few flowers to put on her bedside table later on.

We take a rest and lay down on our backs with the grass tickling between our toes. White clouds sail over us and we spot a Swan and later the head of a Dog. Mia yawns and only minutes later I see her drifting of into a deep sleep with Mr. Bear firmly in her arms.



Lieke and her dolly

This little girl loves her little baby, she cuddles and plays with her all the time. I experimented with a new pattern that I designed It enables her to sit on her own quite well. Her body is partially needle felted for extra endurance but she still feels nice to hold. Her dress is reversible so she has actually two outfits in one. Her hair is in a ponytail at the moment but can be worn in different ways too.