Knuffelpopje met mutsje

Dit lieve knuffelpopje is heerlijk zacht om te knuffelen, met het rode mutsje is het een echt herfstkindje geïnspireerd op een rood met witte stippen paddenstoel. Dit popje is te koop in mijn Etsy winkeltje :

This little sweetie is inspired by the traditional toadstool, the doll is very soft and loves to cuddle. You can purchase the doll in my Etsy store:

Cuddle dolls

detail knuffelpopjeknuffelpopje zittend Cuddel doll detail Cuddle doll


Two very different cuddle dolls I made recently.

Twee hele verschillende knuffelpopjes die ik recent heb gemaakt.

Gnome doll

kabouter met denneappel kabouter in hand gnome kabouter detail

If you are really quite you may see this little gnome under the oaktree. He is a little bit shy, but ones you win his hart he will be lifelong companion.


Cuddle doll

knuffelpopje oud roze bordeaux knuffelpopje Philomijn

It is so funny how the internet can lead to special virtual meetings. While we were discussing details for this doll, colour of fabric etc. we discovered that the customer was a schoolfriend of my sister. Its a small world…