Kleine lijs met popje

Kleine lijs met een jurkje van zachte rib katoen en een warme omslagdoek (met toestemming gebreid naar een patroon van Fabiola van Fig and Me). Ze heeft ook een lief zacht popje van velours dat altijd met haar meegaat. Dit popje is te vinden in mijn webshop

This sweet Waldorf doll is wearing a soft cotton dress en babyrib corduroy and a warm lace collar knitted from a pattern made by Fabiola from Fig and Me (with her permission). She also has a sweet little doll made of soft velours fabric and hand embroidered flowers. You can find this sweetie in my webshop 

Knuffelpopje met mutsje

Dit lieve knuffelpopje is heerlijk zacht om te knuffelen, met het rode mutsje is het een echt herfstkindje geïnspireerd op een rood met witte stippen paddenstoel. Dit popje is te koop in mijn Etsy winkeltje : https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/Poppelien?ref=profile_header

This little sweetie is inspired by the traditional toadstool, the doll is very soft and loves to cuddle. You can purchase the doll in my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/nl/shop/Poppelien?ref=profile_header

Lieke and her dolly

This little girl loves her little baby, she cuddles and plays with her all the time. I experimented with a new pattern that I designed It enables her to sit on her own quite well. Her body is partially needle felted for extra endurance but she still feels nice to hold. Her dress is reversible so she has actually two outfits in one. Her hair is in a ponytail at the moment but can be worn in different ways too.


Doll in yellow dress

The first doll of 2019 is a small dress-up doll in yellow dress and a lovely sleeping bag with a print made by Daniela Drescher a very talented artist known from many beautiful children books.