And then suddenly, Spring has arrived ! And with it a lot of work to be done in the garden, luckily I have a little helper named Emily.

She loves working in the garden and getting her hands dirty. When I ask her if she has ‘green fingers’, she looks a little startled and giggles ‘green fingers’ ? No one has green fingers they are just a little muddy…’ And so they are because she is working really hard this morning, putting dirt in the flowerpots, adding the seeds of sunflowers, Marigolds and lavender. Then taking the watering can all the way to the rain barrel, filling it to the brim, and watering the pots carefully not to spill all the water over her new shoes.

By the time she is done her cheeks are red and her eyes bright with excitement. ‘When can we see the flowers’ she asks a little out of breath, I smile and answer that it is going to take a loong time before we can see the flowers, but we can put the pots on the windowsill where it is nice and sunny. And so we do and every day she runs to the windowsill to see if there is a little green visible. Many days pass by and no green in sight but then one morning a tiny green leaf appears and Emily is extatic : ‘it works ! look ! the flower is coming’ and so it is and all we have to do is wait a little longer so it can grow into a nice big flower.



Cuddle dolls

These two girls had a lot of fun playing with the peg dolls ! The pink doll is made of two colors organic velours, the purple and red girl has a little feather in her hair.

Doll Galery

detail jongenspop jongenspop met katje lijs met vlechtjes detail knuffelpopje lijsje blond knuffelpopje bordeaux paars Detail gezichtje Knofje zittend detail lijsje in slaapzakje ridder met helm ledematenpop zittend close up lijs en ledematenpop meisje met kittenscuddle dollBloemenkinderen

Because I have not shared my new dolls for a while on this site just a little update of dolls I made the past six Month. They are all different seizes and from very small nature table dolls to the soft cuddle dolls and the dress-up dolls.

18 inch Waldorf doll Snow

detail gezichtje grote lijs met omslagdoektule dressstaande lijs

Please meet Snow, a gorgeous Waldorf doll with blue eyes, fair skin and a lots of dark curls around her face. She prefers to wear white: ‘just like the snow’ she says. I have named her Snow for now, until she gets her forever name from her new mommy. Her dress has a thin layer of tule with tiny dots, just like little snowflakes… She does not like wintercoats: ‘It feels too tight, I can’t dance in them’, she says. If I would let her, she would sneak out in the morning barefoot and dance on the white frozen grass. Just to keep her warm I made her a crochet shawl of soft alpaca to wrap around her and a hairband to match. She is a gentle soul and can be very dreamy, she makes up stories in her head and plays them with her set of wooden dolls. Her favorite set is Snow white and the seven dwarfs, she plays with them for hours and when she gets tired she lovingly covers them with her shawl for a blanket and kisses them goodnight. Snow has already found a loving home.

Poppelien dress up dollPlaying with Snowwhite and the dwarfsSnow and her dolly snowwhitewaldorf dolliesGrote lijs met peg dolls

Cuddle doll with waterlily

knuffelpopje Nilou schuin voor aanzicht detail waterlelie

This doll I made for a little girl with the name Nilou, since this actually means waterlily I got a special request to make her a little waterlily for her hair. I really love how this doll now has become very personal and special for Nilou.

Petite Prince Waldorf doll

kleine prins detail kleine prins zittend kleine prins met sjaal petit prince detail

de kleine prins

Just wanted to share this little guy with you, he was made last december as a St. Nicolas gift for a little boy. He is inspired by the lovely book Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry about a little boy who lives on a planet. I have made Petit Prince dolls before but always with a soft velours body, this is the first one that has a tricot body and clothes that can be removed. This doll is very similar to the baby doll I make, but in order to resemble the body of an older child I gave him slender arms and legs.



Lijs met rozenjurkjezittende lijs met roosje Lijsje zittend  Poppelien doll 2


With the summer holidays in sight for some children it is a time to say goodbye to their kindergarten teacher. After the the summer they will go to the big school and the real work begins.  At our school it is tradition that the children give their teacher a gift. This year I was asked by the parents to make a doll for one of the teachers. She should look a bit like the teacher as she might have looked as a little girl. I got to work, dark hair and green eyes and a sweet summer dress. This is what she looks like, she will be presented at the last day of school.