Kleine lijs met popje

Kleine lijs met een jurkje van zachte rib katoen en een warme omslagdoek (met toestemming gebreid naar een patroon van Fabiola van Fig and Me). Ze heeft ook een lief zacht popje van velours dat altijd met haar meegaat. Dit popje is te vinden in mijn webshop

This sweet Waldorf doll is wearing a soft cotton dress en babyrib corduroy and a warm lace collar knitted from a pattern made by Fabiola from Fig and Me (with her permission). She also has a sweet little doll made of soft velours fabric and hand embroidered flowers. You can find this sweetie in my webshop 

Sweet Waldorf Doll

This girl has found her new home !

This happy little girl is still looking for a new home. If you like a little cuddly friend in your life she might be just what you are looking for ! She loves to go on adventures but is also very good in comforting and giving cuddles. She is made with a lot of love and with all natural materials such as sheep wool and a sun-kissed tricot from De Witte Engel. Her hair is a white blonde mohair yarn which can be brushed or braided in tiny pigtails.Her Pinafore dress is reversible with a blue cotton on one side and a nice flower fabric on the other side. She also wears soft blue shoes and a long sleeved grey t-shirt. Under her dress she has white underpants wit a little blue ribbon. If you would like to know more about her please visit my Etsy store or send me an e-mail me at: poppenkind@gmail.com

Lieke and her dolly

This little girl loves her little baby, she cuddles and plays with her all the time. I experimented with a new pattern that I designed It enables her to sit on her own quite well. Her body is partially needle felted for extra endurance but she still feels nice to hold. Her dress is reversible so she has actually two outfits in one. Her hair is in a ponytail at the moment but can be worn in different ways too.


Doll in yellow dress

The first doll of 2019 is a small dress-up doll in yellow dress and a lovely sleeping bag with a print made by Daniela Drescher a very talented artist known from many beautiful children books.

18 inch Waldorf doll Snow

detail gezichtje grote lijs met omslagdoektule dressstaande lijs

Please meet Snow, a gorgeous Waldorf doll with blue eyes, fair skin and a lots of dark curls around her face. She prefers to wear white: ‘just like the snow’ she says. I have named her Snow for now, until she gets her forever name from her new mommy. Her dress has a thin layer of tule with tiny dots, just like little snowflakes… She does not like wintercoats: ‘It feels too tight, I can’t dance in them’, she says. If I would let her, she would sneak out in the morning barefoot and dance on the white frozen grass. Just to keep her warm I made her a crochet shawl of soft alpaca to wrap around her and a hairband to match. She is a gentle soul and can be very dreamy, she makes up stories in her head and plays them with her set of wooden dolls. Her favorite set is Snow white and the seven dwarfs, she plays with them for hours and when she gets tired she lovingly covers them with her shawl for a blanket and kisses them goodnight. Snow has already found a loving home.

Poppelien dress up dollPlaying with Snowwhite and the dwarfsSnow and her dolly snowwhitewaldorf dolliesGrote lijs met peg dolls

Petite Prince Waldorf doll

kleine prins detail kleine prins zittend kleine prins met sjaal petit prince detail

de kleine prins

Just wanted to share this little guy with you, he was made last december as a St. Nicolas gift for a little boy. He is inspired by the lovely book Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry about a little boy who lives on a planet. I have made Petit Prince dolls before but always with a soft velours body, this is the first one that has a tricot body and clothes that can be removed. This doll is very similar to the baby doll I make, but in order to resemble the body of an older child I gave him slender arms and legs.


Marinde – Handmade Waldorf doll

DSC_0371 DSC_0410 DSC_0391 DSC_0382DSC_0378DSC_0389DSC_0404


Please meet my new doll Marinde, her name means from the sea and she really loves the beach. She loves searching for seashells when the tide is low. When it is really hot she will only wear her white sundress, but she also loves the windy days when the wind will pull her hair. On those days she wears her soft hooded cloak and her warm winterboots. One day she found a sweet baby seal and they became best friends. After a long day at the beach they will curl up together on the couch and cuddle.


Lijs Lux lijs lux met haarband lijs Lux bij herfsttafel zittende lijs met onderhemdje

Please meet Lotje, she is a lovely little girl full of energy, she loves climbing trees and dancing in the rain. But she is also quite an entertainer, she loves to do a little puppet show for an audience. I made her for a special girl who was glowing with happiness when she could finally hold her new dolly child.

Baby boy

waldorf boy dollDSC08610 new hairstyleDSC08620 waldorf doll t-shirtDSC08616 Boy in blue trousersdoll shoesDSC08614

This little boy with his while blonde hair is very proud of his very first shoes. He just can’t stop looking at them…